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The Environmental Impact of Throwing Away Your Oven

A picture showing discarded oven and cooker reparts that could not be saved from repairs

In this day and age we all know the importance of reducing the amount of rubbish we throw away, from food waste to household items; we need to consider the environmental impact it will have on our world.

When it comes to household appliances like your fridges, freezers, ovens and microwaves it’s imperative that you understand the implications of throwing away these items could have on your surroundings. They all contain parts that could be potentially dangerous to the environment, not only that you will also be adding to the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste already dumped in landfills each year.

So what Should You Do With Your Old Oven?

When your oven suffers a breakdown or it’s just not performing as successfully as it once was then it’s time to consider your next moves. You’ve got two main options to choose from: either get your oven repaired or dispose of the old one.

Here at Cooker Solutions, we are the oven repair specialists you can rely on. We can come to your house, assess your appliance and offer you experienced and honest advice on what is the best plan of action for your oven. We can carry out repair work on all types of oven regardless of its, age, the make or the model.

Repairing your oven could save you money in the long run, it will be cheaper than buying a new one and we could have your oven up and running as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

We know the dangers of improper oven disposal so if your oven really can’t be repaired you need to ensure that it’s disposed of in the best way possible, reducing the environmental impact. In order to do this you need to find a company who offer oven recycling, who will come and collect it from you and make sure that every part of your oven is recycled, ensuring it doesn’t become another landfill statistic.

The Number One Choice:

Make sure the expert team here at Cooker Solutions are your first port of call. We operate our specialist services in the Surrey and South London areas, so if you’re having oven trouble make sure you get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you.