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Cooker Repairs

The Need-To-Knows of Buying Second Hand Cookers

A picture of a washing machine next to an out of focus second hand cooker

Many homeowners have experienced the horror and panic when an appliance breaks down unexpectedly and cannot be brought back to life. Due to their sheer expense, purchasing a brand new cooker or oven is a luxury that many people cannot afford, especially if they have not had the opportunity to put aside savings for such an unexpected situation. An alternative option – aside from the help of generous friends and family – is to avoid buying new and instead look at second hand cookers. Before you part with your hard-earned money, however, it is worth getting to grips with a few need-to-knows as offered below by Cooker Solutions Ltd:

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Oven Repairs Vs. a New Cooker

A picture showing DIY wiring as part of oven and cooker repair

Our cookers are essential home appliances that we heavily rely on in our day to day lives – it may not be till your oven breaks that you realise just how much you need it! But what do you do when your oven breaks down? Well, you have two main options – you can get it fixed or you could throw it away and buy a new one. But which option do you choose?

If you’re considering getting your oven fixed the most important thing to remember is to call on the help of the professionals – preferably a company who specifically specialises in the repair of cookers, ovens and hobs as a pose to a company who works on a range of different appliances. Continue reading

What Should I Do If My Cooker Breaks?

A picture showing a burner on a cooker that has been damaged beyond repair

It’s not until something breaks in your home that you realise just how essential it is to your everyday lives, your cooker is one of those vital items! You probably think as you only use it to cook your evening meal that you could cope without them for a short time, but when it breaks and you’re trying to cook a family meal that doesn’t involve the cooker you realise just how important it is. Continue reading