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Oven Repairs Vs. a New Cooker

A picture showing DIY wiring as part of oven and cooker repair

Our cookers are essential home appliances that we heavily rely on in our day to day lives – it may not be till your oven breaks that you realise just how much you need it! But what do you do when your oven breaks down? Well, you have two main options – you can get it fixed or you could throw it away and buy a new one. But which option do you choose?

If you’re considering getting your oven fixed the most important thing to remember is to call on the help of the professionals – preferably a company who specifically specialises in the repair of cookers, ovens and hobs as a pose to a company who works on a range of different appliances.

Splash Out on a New Cooker…

Not many of us have enough cash to simply go out and purchase a new oven so if yours suffers a break down this may not always be the best option. There are several factors that are worth considering such as how old your oven is. If you cooker is really old and outdated it may be worth replacing it if you have the funds. Another thing to consider is how much the repairs are going to cost – if it’s going to cost you a significant amount of money for you to repair then stretching to a new oven may be more worthwhile.

…Or Have it Repaired

In this economic climate, unless you have a lot of spare cash lying around it’s simply not viable to replace an appliance every time it breaks. Depending on the age of your cooker and the damage that has been caused it may well work out cheaper to have your current oven repaired, it will often be less time consuming too.

Another factor to consider is the environmental impact throwing a cooker away will have. The likelihood is that it will end up in landfill and with one million tonnes of electronic waste being generated each year in the UK adding to it is something you want to avoid.

Here at Cooker Solutions we offer a specialist cooker repair service regardless of the make or model of your oven. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with a professional and convenient service at affordable prices. We can visit you outside of working hours and we don’t charge extra for weekends or bank holidays.

If you’re oven breaks down, don’t make a hasty decision and buy a new cooker – make sure we’re your first port of call. We can offer you honest and reliable advice on what would be the best option for your cooker.