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Why is Cleaning Your Oven Important?

An image showing a close up of Oven Knobs

Cleaning an oven can be a tricky, time-consuming and unpleasant task involving chemicals and plenty of elbow grease but failing to clean it can cause serious problems.

Take the food that inevitably gets spilt inside your oven. If it’s left there, it will burn and even, in worse case scenarios, catch fire. At the very least it will give whatever else you place in the oven an unpleasant smoky taste.

Food residue carries germs and these germs can be passed on every time you use your oven. Failing to clean your oven regularly makes it easy for germs and bugs to breed in your oven and infect your meals and ultimately you and your family.

Then there’s the oven itself. The filters and mechanisms in your oven can become blocked by dirt and grease, which will stop them from working efficiently. Left for too long, those mechanisms will fail altogether.

The good news is that regularly cleaning your oven can actually help it to perform better.

So not only will cleaning your oven regularly help you avoid health and safety hazards but you’ll also be rewarded with improved performance from your cooker.

If you do find your oven isn’t working quite as effectively as it should be or you’ve suffered an oven breakdown make sure you get in touch with the experts here at Cooker Solutions. We can come and repair your oven at a convenient time for you and we don’t charge call out fees. Appointments are available from 9am-9pm every day of the week. Call our dedicated repairs team on 0203 478 0883 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.