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Should You Repair Or Replace? Key Questions To Ask When You Have A Faulty Appliance

An image of a kitchen featuring dark work surfaces with cream kithcen cabinets and a monochrome tiled wall.

You’ve just prepped your dinner. The onions are perfectly diced, the meat marinated and ready for heating, and your vegetables are all cut. You’ve even taken the time to prepare a sauce from scratch.

Now you’re ready to begin the big cook. So you go to preheat the oven, but you notice something’s wrong. A sinking feeling fills your stomach. It can’t be. Your oven has failed you, right at the moment you need it most.

Sounds like a familiar situation? If you’re got a faulty oven or kitchen appliance, here are the top questions you need to ask yourself before you decide whether or not to repair or replace it.


Questions To Ask If You Have A Faulty Appliance



  • Can you carry out any checks to make sure it’s not working?


Today’s society is fixated on the ‘instant’ and the ‘new’. While it’s almost expected to throw away and replace items with the latest version, ovens and kitchen appliances should still be treated a little differently. They can be fixed. 

To troubleshoot whether you need to repair or replace it, be sure to check these simple things first before you make any rash and costly decisions.

  • Check the plug and sockets are working properly
  • Check that the circuit breakers or any vents haven’t been blocked or clogged
  • Make sure the appliance is rested on a smooth, flat surface
  • Checking any lighting fixtures inside the appliance, have they just blown? 
  • Determine what the issue is – is it power-related, a heating issue or something else?



  • Is the appliance still under warranty?


Often when you buy a kitchen appliance such as an oven, it comes with a warranty and covers various things in the event of a breakdown or failure. It is best to check whether the appliance is still covered and if what you suspect is wrong is covered. 



  • What is the cost of a replacement appliance – brand new or secondhand?


This very much depends on your personal circumstances and preference. Before jumping straight into buying a new appliance, take a look at the costs involved and compare buying new vs. buying secondhand or paying for the repairs.

Some people prefer to buy a shiny, new model with the latest features while others prefer a used but well-maintained appliance that will last them years. Whereas others like to stick with what they have, and just get the repairs done.



  • Are you able to fix it yourself and undertake a minor repair?


Depending on the issue, you may be able to fix it yourself. However, never undertake a task or repair that you’re not fully confident you’re able to do safely. 

Some faults can easily be fixed by looking in the manual or watching a YouTube video, and a good ol’ toolbox. But, remember that tinkering with your appliance can invalidate your warranty and there’s always a risk of injury should things go wrong – when in doubt, call in a professional to take a look.



  • Is it possible to get a replacement part?


Appliances are made up of a multitude of different parts. Some are in regular use, cheap and easy to replace. If you’re aware of the part that needs replacing, can you source this yourself and fit, or source and find an engineer who can fit, or call out a professional to handle the whole repair process. No matter your preference, research your options and the costs involved – it might work out more cost-effective than you thought!


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If you’re unsure about whether or not your oven or kitchen appliance needs repair or replacing, it’s always best to call out a professional who can take a look and give you advice and a concrete answer on what needs to be done. Don’t struggle to find the right page in the manual, just call someone who’s able to offer advice or a cost-effective repair.

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