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Troubleshooting Your Oven: 6 Common Issues

image of an oven in a kitchen

Your oven is one of the staple appliances in your kitchen. It’s so important that it works properly and to its best ability as it feeds you and your family on the regular. From family dinners on a busy weekday evening to a lovely home cooked roast dinner at the weekend for extended family or friends.

When your oven isn’t working properly and to its full ability, it causes chaos to your dinner plans, disrupting family life.

Here are 6 of the most common problems to look out for with an oven malfunction, and how you can troubleshoot some of the issues yourself.


6 Common Oven Issues You Can Troubleshoot:


  • Oven not switching on 


Are you finding that your oven isn’t switching on? Then there are a few things you can check first. It’s a good idea to make sure that your oven is definitely connected to the mains. It is fairly commonplace that people may have simply not switched the appliance on or plugged it in!

The second thing to check is that the fuse, in either the plug or the appliance, hasn’t blown. It can blow for a number of reasons, but if you find this is the case, then you’ll want to replace the fuse or call out an expert to give the machine a once over and check it’s all ok.

None of those? Then it might be due to the heating elements, time to call the experts in.



  • Power on, but no heating


You’ve managed to switch your oven on, but it’s not heating. In this situation, we know it’s not due to the mains connection or a fuse, so what is causing the heating element to be faulty?

Check the appliance and see if you can see any visible damage to the heating elements. These can easily be replaced by a technician. However, this issue could also be caused by an electrical fault within the system or the temperature sensor malfunctioning. For this issue, you will need to call out an engineer to take a look.

If you have a modern machine, you can check the display screen for any error messages. 



  • Oven cutting out? Probably a faulty thermostat! Time to replace


Is your oven cutting out? If this is the case, then it is likely that it is due to a faulty thermostat. 

A thermostat will monitor the temperature inside the oven. If it gets too hot, the thermostat will instruct the appliance to shut down. If your oven is cutting out, then the thermostat is likely faulty as it is reading the temperature incorrectly.

With this issue, the best fix is to replace the thermostat. Depending on the model, this can be done yourself or someone familiar with electrics, or by a professional.



  • Doors won’t close or open properly


Are you finding that your oven door is difficult to open or close? Then this could be something as simple as a baking tray or other utensil being in the way, or perhaps due to a faulty door latch.

With this particular issue, it is not recommended that you try and fix this yourself as you can damage the door if you get it wrong. Instead, get an expert to help sort out the issue and find you a replacement.



  • Noisy!


Have you turned your oven on and it is sounding noisier than usual? In the first instance, switch it off. 

A noisy oven could be due to a fan that has worn or broken. You can call out an expert to take a look at your oven and either repair or replace the fan, or let you know if it’s worth just replacing the entire oven instead.



  • Other faults


Other problems with an oven can include no light turning on or indications on a display screen, as well as an oven continually tripping out and causing electrical issues across the house. 

For any problems with the electrics, it is best to get a professional to take a look at any problems you may have with your electric oven. 


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