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Common Signs You Need A New Oven

A close up image of silver oven dials on an oven in a kitchen

Most ovens are built to last, but nothing can last forever. If you have maintained your oven correctly, you can rely on it for many years. However, there will always be a time when signs begin to appear showing it needs replacing. Repairing your oven is always a great environmentally and economically friendly idea but there is a limit as to how long you can continue to do this.

So what are the signs that you need a new oven?

Cracks in the glass

This is an obvious sign you need a new oven. Cracks in the glass mean that your oven won’t hold heat efficiently and your food will take longer to cook. It can also cause your oven to use more electricity or gas than it should, meaning it will cost you more to run!

Rust inside

Take a look into your oven, if you see rust, it is time to get a replacement. Not only will rust impact the way and how well that your oven works, but rust can also cause illness (if there is a lot of it!). The main concern with rust in your oven is the risk that large bits of corroded metal may fall in your food, creating a choking hazard.

Difficult to clean

You should clean your oven regularly, but we know that it is not an easy job. No matter how well you clean your oven, dirt and grease will build over time and can cause issues. An oven that is dirty and greasy poses a higher risk of a fire compared to a clean oven. If you are losing the battle keeping your oven clean, it is probably time to get a new one.

Switches repeatedly stop working

All ovens have dials, buttons and switches. If these continue to be faulty, it can be dangerous and inconvenient if it results in you having to manually light your oven or hob. Broken switches and dials are typically hard to find in single units, so if using your oven to cook is becoming a mission, it’s a good time to buy a new one.

Repairs cost too much

It is always worth looking at repairing your oven rather than replacing it. Repairing your oven is better for the environment and can be cheaper. However, if you are having to repair it for the third or fourth time, it can be more financially viable to buy a replacement.

Contact Cooker Solutions Ltd

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