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Easy Meals To Cook In Your Oven

image of a turkey dinner in the oven

Cooking meals for yourself or your family everyday can lose its appeal. You run out innovative new ideas and resort to the same types of meals, week in, week out. It can become boring, as you lose inspiration.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of inspiring oven bake recipes. Plus, oven-baked recipes make great, fast and filling dishes – perfect for those that hate washing up!


5 Recipes to get you excited again and using your oven every day: 



  • Cottage Pie / Shepherd’s Pie


This is a real British classic, and super easy to make. Learn more about how to prepare this dish, here.



  • Chicken and Mushroom Pie


Looking for a comfort dish? Then this is your new go-to; it’s flavoursome and perfect for a cosy midweek meal, especially if you serve with potatoes, rice or salad. Take a look at the recipe.



  • Meatball Pasta Bake


We all know and love a classic pasta bake, but this is a different take on the traditional dish. It’s an easy meal to prepare, and delicious with its melted cheese topping – the perfect comfort food! For more information on how to make this, take a look at this recipe.



  • Fish Pie


There are so many different elements you can add into a fish pie, from salmon, scallops and monkfish to another type of fish! For this dish, you’ll need to do a little forward planning and preparation, making sure that you cook your chosen fish and allow it to cool down before placing it into the dish. Then, all you have to do is prepare some mash and pipe it along the top.



  • Macaroni Ham & Cheese


Another variation on a classic dish. Add a little ham into the mix and transform it into a slightly different comfort food classic. To vary this dish even further, you could add any meat of your choice, for example, using leftover chicken, turkey or even some chopped bacon or pancetta.


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