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Tips for Using Your Oven During Lockdown

image of muffins baking in an oven

As we enter the seventh week of lockdown here in the UK, many of us have turned to baking and cooking, making use of our cookers and ovens more than any other time.

With frequent and regular oven use during the Coronavirus lockdown comes a whole host of benefits (the smell of fresh bread throughout the house), and possibly some inconvenient oven problems. How can you combat the issues? We have prepared some top tips to keep your oven working the best it can.

Tips for correct oven use during the Coronavirus Lockdown:


  • Check for common cooker faults


In our previous blog, we discussed the most common cooker faults that you can experience when owning an oven. These ranged from the gas refusing to light, the self-cleaning function not working properly and the oven light bulbs not working any more. These are common issues with easy fixes, make sure to keep an eye on them and act quickly when you notice something is not quite right.


  • Maintain proper oven care and cleaning


As we’re all using our ovens much more regularly than usual, it is important to carry out proper maintenance. This includes making sure that you clean your oven with care, check the door seal for any wear and tear, ensuring that your oven door is functioning normally. 

We prepared a short guide on how to clean your cooker hood, so if you have a buildup of dirt or grease that’s difficult to clean be sure to check it out for some helpful advice.

Alongside this, it is also integral that during oven maintenance and cleaning that you check and remember to care of the hinges; slamming an oven door shut can cause these to weaken.


Need Cooker Repairs?

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