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Common Cooker Faults

An image of a black hob embedded in the worktop

In a previous blog post, Cooker Solutions covered the most common reasons for a fault with your cooker.  In this post we seek to expand that list and cover a few more possibilities.

Gas won’t light

Gas Cookers are known for giving their owner more control over things like the temperature, they also heat up quicker.  So what do you do if the oven or hob is not igniting? Firstly check to see if you can hear the gas being supplied to the unit.  If not you need to call your supplier. If gas is being supplied and it won’t ignite, then it may be a case of the electric igniters needing replacing.  But it could also be that there is a crimp in the gas line. It would be best to call out a professional to take a look.

Self-clean is not doing its job

The self-cleaning function of some modern ovens are truly revolutionary.  No more time wasted on hands and knees scrubbing at crusty food and grease.  So when this function fails it can be a bit of a knock-back!

If it’s a new oven, go back and check the instructions to make sure you are starting the programme correctly.  It is worth noting that if there was a big spill you will still need to clean the ash away, so don’t expect miracles.  

It’s so dark…

How many times do you look through the glass to see your Yorkshire puddings rising, or to check on the melting levels of your margherita pizza?  Being able to see in the oven allows you to monitor the food without losing the heat by opening the door.

Oven lights have light bulbs, and just like the others, they can stop working.  If you think you’ve blown a lightbulb then it should be a simple case of replacing it.  When handling the new bulb, make sure you don’t touch it as the glass membrane can be sensitive to oils you leave behind, instead use a dry tea towel or gloves.


At Cooker Solutions we are well-versed in fixing all of these faults, plus many more.  Operating across South London, covering areas like Wimbledon and Clapham, we would be delighted to take a look and fix your cooker.  And we offer flexible call-out times at no extra cost meaning you can schedule when is best for you! Give us a call on: 0203 478 0883 or fill out our contact form.