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Key Signs That You Need an Oven Repair

A close up picture of the dials on a cooker, which Cooker Solutions repair along with oven repair

The holiday season is approaching! As you prepare to spend Christmas and New Year surrounded by loved ones and consume lots of food and drink, the sudden and unexpected breakdown of your oven could spell a recipe for disaster. The team here at Cooker Solutions Ltd understand the importance of a fully functioning kitchen during the festive season, and we strongly believe that by recognising any early problems signs with your cooker or oven, you can help avoid irreversible issues further down the line.

We want all our customers to be fully prepared this winter, which is why we have put together three key indicators that let you know that you need an oven repair:

Unusual Cooking Times

Perhaps some of the easiest problem signs to spot are slow and cumbersome preheating times or significant changes in the required cooking duration of your favourite meals. If you notice that your food seems to burn quickly in the oven or, conversely, is left in a long time but comes out raw or uncooked, there may well be a fault with your appliance. These issues could be a consequence of one broken part or several faulty elements, therefore it’s best to seek an oven repair professional as soon as possible.

Inaccurate Oven Temperature

Another indication that something isn’t quite right with your appliance is when it doesn’t reach its set temperature. You can test this further by placing the end of a thermometer in the centre of your oven; these can be easily purchased from your local supermarket and provide a more accurate reading of the temperature. A calibration adjustment will help rectify an incorrect thermostat, and it is highly recommended that for an older oven you consult a qualified repairman to carry this out.

Leaking Gas? Request an Immediate Oven Repair

Smelling gas when you are not cooking or using your hob is a warning signal that you may have a gas leak and therefore need a cooker repair. Call Cooker Solutions Ltd immediately and do not attempt to rectify the issue yourself; the best course of action whilst you wait for an expert to arrive is to try and circulate as much fresh air as possible into the room by opening up your kitchen windows.


Whether you live in Brixton, Battersea, Wandsworth, Clapham, Streatham, Wimbledon, or the general South London area, Cooker Solutions Ltd are on hand to provide thorough cooker and electric oven repairs and keep your appliances running smoothly during the festive period. Our services are very flexible and we are available seven days a week, call us today on 07508 229 049 or complete our easy to use form.