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Alternative Christmas Dinner Ideas from around the World

A picture of stollen, one of many options from around the world for alternative christmas dinner feasts

The holiday season is upon us! All over the globe, people are beginning their Christmas preparations ready to celebrate the season with friends and family. If you are starting to plan ahead for your own festive feast and want to try something different this year, why not take inspiration from other countries? Today, Cooker Solutions Ltd take a look at alternative Christmas dinner ideas from around the world.


Many Italians spend their Christmas Eve preparing a large festival meal of fish and vegetables, ready to be eaten together after a late mass, whilst some prefer to have a Christmas lunch. Italy boasts lots of different regions, each with their own traditional recipes based on fresh, local ingredients, which gives you plenty of choices when it comes to alternative Christmas dinner ideas; some of the dishes prepared include lasagne, panettone, tortellini, and roast lamb.

The Philippines

Our next inspiration for alternative Christmas dinner ideas comes courtesy of the Philippines. Filipinos, similar to Italians, come together at midnight to eat and celebrate after attending mass.
‘lechon’ – roasted pig – is frequently the showstopper dish for Filipinos during Christmas, which is eaten with ‘queso de bola’ and noodles, whilst dessert may include ‘kakanin’, a sweet, rice-based dish that comes in a variety of flavours.


As we approach winter time, Australia begins its summer season, which means that its residents will spend their Christmas day basking in sunshines and blue skies. Whilst some will opt for a traditional UK-style meal, the majority of Australians enjoy a Christmas dinner that accommodates for the hot weather; this often comprises of salads, cold meats, and a barbeque feast of turkey and seafood, with mangos bringing accents of sweetness to cocktails and salsas.


Goose, duck, and pork are often the meats of choice for Germans at Christmas time, seasoned well with spices such as marjoram, stuffed with fruits, and served with potatoes, dumplings, and braised red cabbage. Germany has lots of options when it comes to appeasing a sweet tooth, including ‘stollen’, a bread made of nuts and dried fruit, and ‘Lebkuchen’, their version of gingerbread.


Add a splash of the tropical to your alternative Christmas dinner with recipes from Jamaica. Preparation begins months ahead of time with the soaking of fruit in rum and wine, ready to be put into a Christmas fruit cake. The afternoon meal consists of curried goat or chicken accompanied by peas and rice, all washed down with a glass of sorrel, a cold yet festive drink made from the hibiscus flower with added spices such as cinnamon.


Our final country provides an unusual option for an alternative Christmas dinner – KFC. Although only a small percentage of the Japanese population are Christian, many people will queue up to enjoy a KFC meal on Christmas. It certainly saves on the washing up!


Whether you are roasting a goose, cooking up some tortellini, or baking a festive stollen, the last thing you need is for your oven or cooker to break down on Christmas day. If you are concerned about potential problems with your appliance, or just want to ensure it’s in top working condition, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Cooker Solutions Ltd. Our professional team are experts at cooker and oven repair. Call us now on 0203 478 0883 or complete our online form.