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Types of Oven: The Advantages and Disadvantages

An image of a double oven fitted in a kitchen

In the modern day, there are many types of oven to choose from, all coming in different shapes and sizes. The variety available means we have a great pick of designs to choose from, but with that in mind, how do you go about deciding what oven is best suited for you and your home? In the latest Cooker Solutions blog post, we take a look at the various types of oven available and their advantages.

Single Oven

Single ovens tend to cost significantly less than double ovens, due to their limited number of features. If you live alone or don’t tend to entertain guests at home, a single oven may be all you need.

Single ovens are a great fit for most kitchen sizes and typically slot neatly under countertops. Whilst a single oven will only have one space to bake and grill food in, they are more than able to cater for most food dishes.

Double Oven

It goes without saying that two ovens will offer more flexibility than a single oven. Not only can you bake and grill food items at varying temperatures at the same time, you can also cook a lot more food at any one given time, a function that could be integral to individuals that often host dinner parties or have large families to cook for.

Double Built-Under Oven

If you’re short on space but still require the flexibility that two ovens provide, a double built-under oven may be an option that would suit you better.

Standing shorter than a conventional double oven, they are around 72cm tall and may be positioned within an under-counter unit or at eye level for convenience.

Single Compact Oven

At only 45cm tall, a single compact oven is the smallest of all the appliances on the list, roughly the same size as a large, built-in microwave.

Although single compact ovens are great for very small kitchens or those that aren’t utilised very often, they would not be able to handle family meals or large food quantities at any one given time.

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