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Oven Not Working? Here’s the Reasons Why

An image of an oven that is switched on with an open oven door.

Is your oven not working?

If you’ve suddenly suffered a fault to your oven, you’ve probably quickly realised how much you came to depend on this piece of equipment.

In the latest blog post by Cooker Solutions, we take a look at the most common reasons why an oven would suddenly stop working.

No Power

A sudden loss of power to your oven may be triggered by a blown fuse. If you have a 13amp socket and fuse, it is very likely that the fuse may have blown and replacing it may resolve your issue. If your oven is ran by a 30amp mains power supply, it is possible that the electricity has been interrupted, so check to see if the switches on your fuse box are all on.

No Heat

If your main oven has power going to it, but you are getting no heat output, this may be a sign that the element needs replacing. Of Course, in some cases, if the fan and light comes on, but the oven doesn’t heat up, this issue may be linked to a faulty thermal fuse or thermal switch.


Sometimes, after years of use, you may notice that the heat from your oven begins to burn the adjacent units. Generally, when heat escapes your oven, this is typically due to a faulty door seal. The seal on your oven should be replaced every few years and this issue is typically nothing major to worry about.

However, if your oven is new and you have noticed the heat is escaping, you should have your oven checked to make sure that it has been installed in-line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

An oven not working can cause a variety of issues. At Cooker Solutions, we have been installing and repairing ovens for many years. If your oven is not working or you have just purchased a new oven and need it to be professionally installed, we welcome you to contact us on 0203 478 0883.