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Ducting vs Recirculating Cooker Hoods

A close up image of silver oven dials on an oven in a kitchen

Cooker hoods are a great way to reduce the smoke and odours that can linger in your kitchen when cooking. There are two types of cooker hood – one that uses ducting and one that recirculates the air.

If you opt for a ducted cooker hood, the air will be extracted from the room and directed outside through ducting that travels through an outside wall. On the other hand, a recirculating cooker hood sucks the air up into the hood, filters and purifies it and recirculates it back into the kitchen.

Ducted cooker hoods are often the “go-to” choice for many homeowners, but are only able to be fitted in spaces that have the opportunity to duct through an outside wall.

Both types of extraction are efficient and will reduce the level of odour and smoke and steam in the kitchen.

Fitting Ducted Extractors

To ensure you get the most from you ducted extractor with the minimum noise level, there are a few tips you can follow:

Keep piping to a minimum and ensure that you use the most direct route to the external outlet.
Use wide-angled pipe elbows
Avoid reducing the diameter or area of the ducting
Only install pipes with smooth and even inside surfaces – this will ensure air can travel without hindrance and reduce any noise. Where a flexible hose needs to be used, ensure that it is pulled tight to smooth out any ridges, before fixed in place.

Cooker Solutions

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