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Kitchen Trends for 2019

A picture of a washing machine next to an out of focus second hand cooker

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in a home and one which can often affect the value of an entire property. If you’re looking to carry out renovation work on your home, the chances are you’re considering updating this popular area.

In the latest post from Cooker Solutions, we take a look at new kitchen trends for 2019, to provide you with up to date inspiration for your new home project.


We’re used to gold and silver hardware in a kitchen, but in 2019, pewter and gunmetal tones are set to take centre stage. As they aren’t as specific as solid gold or silver, they will complement a wide range of themes and colour schemes.

Another advantage to this style of hardware is the texture and point of interest it adds to the kitchen, without overpowering it, such as with matte black styles.

Coloured Upholstery

2019 is the year that we wave bye bye to stark white kitchens, in favour of pops of colour. If you have bar stalls or chairs that sit at a table in your kitchen, why not reupholster these with coloured fabric? The pop of colour will stand out against other more traditional aspects but still keep the space functional and clean line.

Open Shelving

Open-shelving is a trend that is replacing upper kitchen cabinets. Open shelving in glass, metal or wood showcases a minimalist design that can be incorporated into any kitchen design. The way you design this open plan storage will depend on the amount of storage you require and how big your kitchen is. Open plan storage is great, but can often look overcrowded if not used in the right way.

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