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Benefits of a Fan Oven

An image showing a repaired cooker by Cooker Solutions

Fan ovens are popular in both commercial settings and homes around the world, due to their excellent cooking power. Here at Cooker Solutions, we have installed and repaired countless ovens across London, and in our latest post, we discuss the many benefits of a fan oven.

Even Cooking

The fan inside a convection oven has an important role to play in order to achieve great cooking results. Unlike a traditional oven which surrounds the food with hot air, a fan oven will circulate, ensuring all areas of the oven are heated to the same temperature to create an even cooking result.

Shorter Cooking Times

Due to the efficiency of the fan and the stable oven temperature it creates, foods cooked with a convection oven will often need shorter cooking times and may even be cooked at a lower temperature. If baking is one of your passions, you may find a convection oven much easier to use, ensuring you get even browning on your goods.

Cook Multiple Dishes at the Same Time

In a conventional oven, food placed at the bottom will often cook slower than dishes placed in the middle or top of the oven. With a fan oven, the temperature remains stable throughout, meaning that food can be placed anywhere in the oven without risk of burning or undercooking.

Cooker Solutions

No matter the type of oven you have, the dedicated team at Cooker Solutions can repair it. If you are having trouble with your oven, we welcome you to contact us. Open 9 am- 9 pm, we can schedule an appointment in to suit you. Please call today on 0203 478 0883 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.