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Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen Interior

An image of a modern kitchen with a white curved cupboard design.

The kitchen is a space that many people spend most of their time in, so it is important that its design reflects your own personal tastes, as well as remaining practical and in-line with the way you use the space. In the latest blog post from Cooker Solutions, we take a look at ways you can modernise your kitchen space.


Modern kitchens often utilise sleek designs with bold accents, keeping the space neutral, whilst still adding a focal point that represents your individual style.

Consider keeping the cupboards and units of your space simple in design, then adding features such as a bespoke splashback or unique flooring to inject colour and personality to the space.

Alternatively, you may wish to make your kitchen fittings the focal point, by using an attention-grabbing curved design with sliding doors and unique storage spaces, leaving the rest neutral and quick to change as time goes on.

Completely updating the design of your kitchen can be costly, so you may find it quicker and cheaper to simply update the cupboard doors or kitchen worktop.

A modern kitchen typically makes use of clean lines and you can achieve this by ensuring that things such as extractor fans are incorporated with a pop-up design or integrated below cabinets or in the ceiling.


Appliances are rarely on show in modern kitchens, so where possible, place your white goods in a separate utility area or behind cupboard doors, so they seamlessly integrate with your kitchen.

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