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Oven Not Heating up and Other Common Cooker Problems

An image of a cooker hob, lit up and repaired by Cooker Solutions

If you’ve had to contend with your oven not heating up for a while, you’ll know the stress that can be caused when an appliance you use most days begins to fail.

It’s typically not until something breaks that you realise just how much you rely on it. At Cooker Solutions, we’ve put together some of the most common cooker faults and their causes in our latest blog post.

Oven Not Heating up

As previously mentioned, when your oven suddenly stops heating up at the rate you are used to (or at all), it can make cooking your staple dishes very difficult. There are a few reasons why your oven may be failing to heat up, one being that the fan or oven elements have failed and another being with regards to the main changeover switch.

Oven Overheating

At the opposite end of the previous fault is the oven overheating and burning your food. The overheating of an oven is typically caused by a fault with the thermostat. However, a professional cooker repair technician will be able to inform you of where the fault stemmed from and what the best course of action is to get it fixed.

The Oven Door Doesn’t Close

Not only can this fault be rather dangerous, particularly if you have young children, it can also let heat escape from the oven, meaning your food could take twice as long to heat, and the appliance will have to be left on a lot longer than usual.

When an oven door does not close, this is typically a fault with the hinges or the hinge runners. Both hinges will usually be replaced by a reputable repairer, even if only one is broken, as once one suffers a fault, the next one is likely to follow.

Whether you’re having issues with your oven not heating up, or your cooker is showing other signs of a fault, give the team at Cooker Solutions a call on 0203 478 0883. With many years of industry experience, we can get your appliance fixed in no time, helping you get on with your daily tasks as normal.