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Living in South West London

An image of the London eye, taken from the ground on a sunny day.

South West London has a lot to offer and having been based in and serving this area for many years, here at Cooker Solutions Ltd, we provide the lowdown on living in this popular borough.


Clapham is split into 4 quadrants, each having their own personality – Clapham North, Clapham South, Clapham Old Town and Clapham Junction – which is technically part of Battersea. What’s great about Clapham is that all of these quadrants have their own personality, meaning there is something for everyone in this district.

Clapham North generally has cheaper rent rates than the other areas and is a walkable distance to clubs and restaurants on the high street, making it a popular stomping ground for hungry graduates ready to take on the big city.

South Clapham offers large homes and a great lifestyle, with farmers markets and antique shops. The south of Clapham is an ideal spot for those looking to be near the action, without being at the centre of it. Similarly, Clapham Old Town is also popular with families and is arguably quieter than the other three quadrants.

Lastly, there’s Clapham Junction, a thriving area that is known for its bars, restaurants and a thriving creative and music scene. This location tends to be popular with young professionals that love the hustle and bustle of city life.


Battersea has somewhat been overshadowed by other areas in London- partly due to its lack of tube line. However, in 2020 that is about to change, as a new Northern Line underground is set to open.

Battersea is located close to Chelsea and is on the up, so there’s no better time to invest.


Regardless of whether you’ve ever stepped foot in Wimbledon, you’re likely to have heard of the area due to its association with Tennis and the great athletic men and women that play there.

Wimbledon is great for families that are looking for more green space, whilst still being within the 30-minute commuter belt to the city.

House prices aren’t cheap in this area, but you may get a little more for your money by moving outside the main village to areas such as Wimbledon Park and Merton.

Cooker Solutions Ltd

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