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How to Create a Traditional Kitchen

An image of multiple mason jars that are being used to decorate a traditional kitchen.

They say that trends have a funny way of reappearing years later, and when it comes to kitchen your interior, you may indeed find yourself leaning towards a traditional kitchen, over more contemporary designs. A vintage aesthetic has become incredibly popular in recent years, as many people lust after traditional kitchen colours and the beautifully intricate details that these designs offer. In the latest blog post from Cooker Solutions, we discuss how to create a traditional kitchen.

Colour Scheme

Colour schemes for traditional kitchen designs are often in muted pastel shades. However, having an eclectic mix of soft, muted colours can work just as well. If you would prefer to keep the walls of your kitchen neutral, opt for pops of colour in your furniture or accessories. Adding colour not only adds personality to the kitchen, it can also re-emphasise the aesthetic you are aiming for.


Vintage kitchens often work well with freestanding furniture that can be moved around fluidly to suit your lifestyle. However, if you do not want to hunt for traditional pieces, consider opting for solid wood cabinets. Traditional kitchens typically make use of natural materials and solid, high-quality pieces that stand the test of time. Furthermore, add glass for cabinets for a more eclectic design.

An agar is often the perfect compliment to the traditional kitchen. Otherwise, fitted ovens that blend seamlessly into the design or freestanding cookers that add a traditional charm can both work just as well.


No vintage kitchen would be complete without the little details. Add in mason jars and fill with dry foods or tea, coffee and sugar. Use detailed pots and vases and fill with candles or flowers, or leave empty to create eye-catching detail at every turn, without overwhelming the space.

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