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Best Practices for Your Electric Oven

An image of a person using a tea towel to remove cinnamon buns from an electric oven

Electric ovens have soared in popularity in recent years. They have become a favoured choice among home cooks and baking lovers because they’re efficient, easy to control, and deliver consistent heat. However, making the switch from the old gas ovens to the new electric oven can be a bit tricky. Don’t worry, though! This blog is here to help you out. We’ll explore why electric ovens are all the rage and tackle the challenges you might face. By the end, you’ll be all set to cook up a storm and get fantastic results with your new electric oven. So let’s dive in and make your cooking journey super smooth and delicious!

1. Preheating is Key

Preheating your electric oven is a crucial step that sets the foundation for successful baking. Before placing your goodies inside, ensure that your oven reaches the desired temperature as specified in the recipe. Some gas oven enthusiasts may say that having to preheat electric ovens is frustrating, but it is definitely the wait for consistent results. 

2. Invest in an Oven Thermometer

Electric ovens can sometimes have temperature discrepancies, which can lead to uneven baking. To accurately gauge the internal temperature, use an oven thermometer placed on the oven rack. This simple tool will help you adjust the oven settings accordingly and avoid over or undercooking your creations.

3. Use the Right Bakeware

Selecting the right bakeware can make a significant difference in your baking. Go for light coloured pans! This may seem pointless but dark ones tend to absorb more head and therefore can lead to excessive browning. Also, investing in high-quality baking sheets, cake pans and pie dishes will also help deliver excellent results as it will help with heat distribution. 

4. Arrange Oven Racks Strategically

Understanding how heat circulates inside your electric oven is crucial. For even baking, place your baking sheet or pan in the centre of the oven. If you need to bake multiple items at the same time, ensure sufficient space between them to allow air to circulate freely. Rotating the pans halfway through baking can also help achieve uniform results.

5. Don’t Peek Too Often

We know you want to take a look at your goodies and see how they are doing, but try to resist the temptation. Every time that you open the oven door, precious heat escapes, which can interfere with the baking process. Instead, rely on the oven light and your oven’s check in on your bake. Save the door opening for essential checks towards the end of baking.

6. Understand Convection Settings

Many modern electric ovens come equipped with a convection setting. This feature uses a fan to circulate hot air, promoting even cooking and reducing baking times. When using the convection setting, remember to adjust the temperature or baking time as directed in the recipe, as convection ovens tend to bake faster.

7. Mind the Rack Position for Broiling

If your electric oven has a broiler function, be careful when using it. The broiler element is usually at the top of the oven, so position your baking tray on the lower racks when broiling. No one likes a burnt top and a raw middle! 

8. Use Proper Oven Mitts

When handling hot bakeware or removing items from the oven, always use high-quality oven mitts or pot holders. Safety should be a priority in any kitchen, and protecting yourself from burns and accidents is essential.

9. Keep Your Oven Clean

Regularly cleaning your electric oven is not only very important for hygiene but also for maintaining its baking performance. Baked-on food particles or grease can cause uneven heating and affect the taste of your baked goods. The manufacturers guide for your specific oven model will provide you with cleaning instructions. 

10. Practice and Experiment

Baking is as much an art as it is a science, so don’t be afraid to experiment and learn from your results. Keep practising, try different recipes, and make adjustments based on your experience. With time, you’ll become more confident and skilled in baking with your electric oven.

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