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How to Clean a Cooker Hood

An image of a kitchen featuring dark work surfaces with cream kithcen cabinets and a monochrome tiled wall.

Cleaning the cooker is not a chore most people look forward to doing, especially when it comes to cleaning the cooker hood. A buildup of dirt and grease can make it seem difficult to clean, but items such as vinegar and soapy water can produce amazing results. Keep reading for how you can thoroughly clean your cooker hood. Continue reading

Preventing Kitchen Fires

A picture of a washing machine next to an out of focus second hand cooker

Keeping your appliances clean and well-serviced, unplugging electrical equipment and installing a smoke detector are all steps that can help to prevent a kitchen fire. In the latest post from Cooker Solutions, we take a look at ways you can prevent fire in the kitchen in more detail, keeping you and your home safe. Continue reading

The Difference Between a Fan and Conventional Oven

A close up picture of the dials on a cooker, which Cooker Solutions repair along with oven repair

It was back in 1945 when the first fan ovens were used. The purpose of the fan oven was to speed up the cooking process to allow the US airline industry to prepare hot meals more quickly. On the contrary, it is said that the very first conventional oven was invented in 1826. By the 1920s, most households had use of a gas oven. Nowadays, fan ovens are widely used in domestic households, with many added benefits in comparison to conventional ovens. Continue reading

The Best Cookers of 2019

An image of a new large oven, recently installed into a kitchen.

We’ve often posted on top tips to keep your current oven working in great condition and looking its best, but in the latest post, we take a look some of the best-rated ovens for 2019. If you’re in the market for a new oven, stick around, this post just might help you narrow down your choices. Continue reading

Benefits of a Fan Oven

An image showing a repaired cooker by Cooker Solutions

Fan ovens are popular in both commercial settings and homes around the world, due to their excellent cooking power. Here at Cooker Solutions, we have installed and repaired countless ovens across London, and in our latest post, we discuss the many benefits of a fan oven. Continue reading