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Why is Heat Escaping from my Oven Door?

An image of an oven that is switched on with an open oven door.

If heat is escaping from your oven, it’s efficiency could be dramatically reduced, whilst increasing your cooking time. Whilst there may be various reasons for heat escaping your oven, a worn gasket is often the culprit.

What is an Oven Gasket?

An oven gasket is a seal which is typically placed around the oven door (though some ovens feature the gasket on the oven itself) and is there to keep the heat of the oven inside.

It is natural that your oven gasket may need replacing over time and does not mean that your oven needs replacing. Gaskets can be easily replaced to ensure your oven performs at optimal capacity again.

Sometimes, an ovens gasket is put in place with pins or clips, so you may need to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull them out.

Inserting a new gasket can be tricky and you will need to ensure that you place the new pins in-line with the ones there previously and then feed the new gasket all the way around the oven door.

More Reasons Heat Escapes From Your Oven

Of course, sometimes heat will escape your oven due to another fault, which could be something as simple as the oven door alignment being out or a crack in the oven door.

Reasons You Should Fix The Fault

Aside from the obvious reason of your oven being less efficient when the heat is escaping from the oven door, your food is likely to take longer to heat and may cook less evenly.

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