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Gas V.S Electric Cookers

An image of an electric hob which is turned on.

In one of our previous blog posts, we have spoken about dual fuel cookers vs all gas cookers, however, now we turn our attention to full gas cookers vs electric.

Your oven may be the same one that was left for you when you moved into your property, or you may have purchased it on the basis that it was what your parents had. However, there are several considerations to make should you decide to purchase a new oven, and many of them rest on your style of cooking and the type of food you use your oven for.

Pros of Gas Cookers

The great thing about gas cookers is that they provide instant heat which can be easily and quickly controlled. Unlike an electric cooker, you can instantly tell by the size of the flames whether you need to turn your hob or oven down.

Further to this, the cost of running a gas cooker is lower than its electric counterpart.

Cons of Gas Cookers

On the other hand, gas cookers do not spread their instant heat as well as electric cookers do because they are not fan assisted. Consequently, if you are a passionate baker, an electric oven may work best for you.

You may also find that your gas hob is a lot harder to clean than the smooth surface of an electric hob.

Pros of Electric Cookers

As previously mentioned, your fan assisted electric oven will spread heat much more evenly, ensuring that even when you are cooking large batches of food, everything cooks evenly. Furthermore, you may also find that your electric grill browns your food more evenly.

Additionally, if you opt for an induction hob, you will benefit from quicker cooking times so there’s less waiting around to do.

Cons of Electric Cookers

Unlike gas cookers where you are able to see the flames, you may find it difficult to gauge the temperature of your new electric cooker, but you should get used to the settings after a few uses.

Electric ceramic hobs tend to hold onto their heat a lot longer than induction hobs so you’ll need to remember to remove your pan from the hot surface, even if you have turned the hob off, to avoid it burning.

Another notable downside of electric cookers is the higher running costs in comparison to gas cookers.

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